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Hang and Repair a Birdhouse with Paracord

Quick Video Summary

Discover yet another way to use paracord. In this video you will see how paracord can be used in hanging and repairing a birdhouse. Hanging and repairing a birdhouse with paracord is an easy and effective long lasting way to get the job done.

Detailed DIY Paracord Instructions

If you have ever had birdhouse, you know that hanging them can sometimes be a struggle. Maybe you need to create a place to hang your birdhouse, but you want to make sure that it won’t hurt the tree. Maybe your birdhouse has no way to hang it to begin with, and you need to create something on the birdhouse itself.  A long lasting, simple, and effective solution in hanging and repairing a birdhouse is to use paracord. Paracord will not only out last your birdhouse, but it is also soft enough that it won’t rub the tree raw where it is wrapped around the branch, say like wire would.

In the case of repairing a birdhouse that has lost its ability to be hung, or creating a place on the birdhouse itself to be hung from, screw in two eye screws one top of the birdhouse on each end. You will want to make sure your eye screws are not too long, you don’t want the ends to be poking inside of the birdhouse. Next cut a section of paracord that will be long enough to put through the two eyelets, and have some slack to hang it from. Take one end of the cut paracord and put it through the first eye screw and continue through the second eye screw. Bring the two ends of paracord together, making even lengths on either side and double knot them together. Using a lighter you can apply heat to the knot in the paracord to melt it together and keep it from coming apart.  Now you can hang your birdhouse from a branch hook that is either directly on the branch or on a piece of paracord as discussed below.

To create a place to hang your birdhouse from, whether it be a from a branch that is too large or a square board on a porch covering, cut a length of paracord that is long enough to wrap around  what you are hanging the birdhouse from twice. Taking the length paracord you just cut, loop it around what you are hanging the birdhouse from only once. We basically want to create a circle that will be created by double knotting the ends together. Next, bring the ends of paracord together, making it so there are even lengths of paracord on either side. Double knot the ends together and using a lighter, apply heat to the knot in the paracord to keep it from coming apart. To hang your birdhouse, attach one end of a branch hook to the paracord and the other to the birdhouse.

Now the next time you run into a dilemma while repairing and hanging a birdhouse, you will have the tools and knowledge to easily and effectively get the job done. TITAN WarriorCord, our MIL-SPEC parachute cord, is perfect for all of your utility needs.

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