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Eternity Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Learn how to tie an eternity knot paracord bracelet in this instructional video presented by Weavers of Eternity. Discover how easy it is to tie an eternity knot paracord bracelet in this tutorial.

For this project you will need a 2’ section of parachute cord. After you cut your length of paracord it is a good idea to melt the ends closed to prevent them from fraying and make them easier to work with.

Starting close to the left end, make a loop by twisting the cord over itself. Create a bite to the right of the first loop and stick it about an inch through the first loop. Then pull on the left end to tighten the first loop down onto the second loop. Next take the right end and put it through the second loop and then pull on the right end of the loop to tighten it down onto the end.

You should have created a 2” loop on the right side from putting the right end through the second loop. Now twist the loop on itself 180⁰. Holding the twisted loop in place, insert the right end through the loop working from back to front. Then carefully synch the loop down onto the right cord. Tighten the work making sure to keep all of the cords from twisting.

The eternity knot is now complete, and all that is left is to make the adjustable sliding knot with the remaining ends. To make the sliding not take the two ends and cross them over each other. Take the cord flowing to the left and wrap it around the other end twice and then feed it through the center of your wraps.

Repeat the same process with other side. Trim the excess cord, and melt the remaining ends in place. Your eternity knot paracord bracelet is now complete and ready to be worn.

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