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Creating an Emergency Survival Shelter Using 550 Paracord

In this video walk-through, we discover how to create an emergency survival shelter using your paracord from your pack or survival bracelet.

Have you ever been out exploring the wilderness and thought, what would I do if for some unfortunate reason I ended up having to stay the night out here. If you get lost your best chance of being found is if you stay in one place, and that means you’re going to need shelter.

If you have a paracord survival bracelet and access to tree branches you can create a survival shelter in just a few minutes. All you will need is your paracord survival bracelet and 10 good sized branches. You want the branches to be smooth and sturdy.

To begin, cut the fused ends of the paracord and remove the seven inner strands. Separate the strands so they do not get tangled. Take three branches four to five feet in length and create a tripod. Secure the tripod together at the point where the three sticks meet with one of the inner strands. Wrap the inner strand around the branches several times and then around in between the branches, tying a secure knot at the end, a figure-eight knot works well. Create a second tripod of similar size.

Place the two tripods about six feet apart to frame the openings. Place a branch on top of the tripods horizontally so that it is being held up by the two tripods. Secure the branch to each tripod using the inner strands. Secure it in a similar way to the tripods.  Find three branches four to five feet in length and place them on one side of the horizontal branch so they are slanted towards the ground. Secure them in place using the remaining strands of paracord. To finish cover the slanted branches in limbs and foliage.

That’s it! In roughly 20 minutes or less, you can create a survival shelter using paracord.

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