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DIY Paracord Trail Markers

In this video by Common Sense Outdoors you will see how to use paracord as trail markers. You can also use paracord as trail markers for snare and trap locations.

One of the very best colors that you can use for paracord trail markers is our new Reflective-Orange SurvivorCord, which incorporates both retro-reflective and glow-in-the-dark threads for maximum visibility.  A small piece is highly visible on a branch. To use paracord as a trail marker, simply cut a 3” piece of the safety orange paracord and take out the inner strands. Then take one of the inner strands and tie it to one of the ends of the 3” piece of safety orange paracord. Tie the other end onto a branch.

The slightest breeze will make this type of marker stick out like a sore thumb. You will never have to worry about finding your way back from an off trail hike or misplacing your snares and traps again. TITAN Paracord is perfect for all of your outdoor utility cord needs.

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