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DIY Paracord Earrings

In this video by Helen Crochet, we’ll show you how to make a pair of DIY Paracord Earrings. These super easy paracord earrings can be customized with any color of TITAN Paracord and will be unique to your tastes.

These earrings are really simple to make. First you will have to decide on how big of a circle you want hanging from your ear. You can estimate the amount of paracord that you will need by taking the end and rolling it until you have reached your desired size of circle and then cutting two pieces of the same exact length. After all you do want your earrings to be the same size.

Once you have your pieces of paracord cut, melt the ends closed. Take some super glue and put a dab on one of the ends and begin to roll it. Add a dab of super glue with each completed roll. Continue this until all of the paracord is rolled together. Once you get to the end, smoothly smear super glue onto the last inch or so and hold in place to dry with pins.

Once the glue is dry, attach a fish hook earring wire to the last roll of paracord. Make sure to frequently compare your earrings to each other to make sure they are symmetrical. Your DIY paracord earrings are now complete and ready to flaunt at your next Socialite Ball!

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