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Building Blocks Survival Bracelet

In this video by Bored Paracord, discover how to make the Building Blocks Survival Bracelet. The building blocks survival bracelet is a fun and fashionable way to carry paracord in the case of an emergency.

To make the building blocks survival bracelet you will need 5’ each of two different colors of paracord fused together at one end, a plastic belt buckle, and a lighter. For this project we are going to be using green and pink colored paracord, and a pink buckle.

To begin, take the fused paracord and fold it in half at the point where the two colors meet. Then take the free ends together and work them through one of the buckle ends, separate the long ends and pull the free ends through. Pulling the cords tight, should create a cow hitch attaching the paracord to the buckle end. Make sure to keep your cords from twisting.

Now take the free ends and work them through the other buckle end, entering from the bottom. Adjust the core of the bracelet to your wrist size, hold the measurement in place, and carefully separate the buckle ends. With the end that has the cow hitch at the bottom, secure the buckle ends in place. You’re working cords should be coming out toward you from the upper buckle that does not have the cows hitch.

Next, we begin the building blocks design. Start by taking the right pink working cord around the back of the two center cords, back over the front of the center cords, and around the back of the center cords, again. Now take the pink working cord under the pink center cord, back over to the right side and pull the cord tight. Push the work up tight to the buckle.

Take the green working cord on the left side, and do the same thing as you just did with the pink working cord, except with the last wrap you will be going under the green center cord. Keep the wraps under those of the pink cord. You don’t want them to be overlapping each other. Continue this process alternating with the pink and green cords, pushing each set of wraps up tight to the previous.

Once you get to the end, cut the excess paracord and melt the ends into the last wraps. That’s all there is too it, simple easy, and unique.

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