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Make Your Own Paracord Bow Handle Wrap

Learn how to make your own paracord bow handle wrap in this instructional video. Get better grip on your bow by making your own paracord bow handle wrap.

Have you ever been out bow hunting or bow fishing and wished that your bow had better grip on its handle. Well, you can make it have better grip by making your own bow handle wrap using MIL-SPEC 550 cord. Not only does the wrap promote better grip, but it also dampens the snap that happens when you release your arrow.

This article is going to discuss how to make a paracord bow handle wrap. The process is so simple it will take you less than fifteen minutes. You will need about 10’ of paracord, a lighter, scissors, and your bow. Create a flat loop on your bow where you want the handle to be, using one of the paracord ends. Make the loop as long as you want the handle to be.

Take the working end and create another loop at the bottom of the flat loop, with the working end crossing of the top of the new loop so that it is flowing away from you. Bring the working end around the bow in the direction it wants to flow, which should be back towards you, and create a bend in the paracord. Push the bend through the loop about an inch, adjusting the sides of the loop so that the previous loop is tightened down on the new loop. The working end should now be flowing towards you.

Now take the working end back around in the direction it is flowing, which should be towards you, and create another bend in the paracord. Push the bend through the previous loop about ½” and tighten down creating another loop. Tighten down, keeping everything straight. Continue this process over the top of the very first loop created (basically the core that determines the length of the handle) until the wrap reaches the very top of that loop. You should have the tip of the loop sticking out from under one end of the wrap, and the starting end of the paracord sticking out the other end of the loop.

Once you make your last loop, pull the working end all the way through and tighten by pulling on the end. Take the working end and put it through the tip of the loop that is coming out from under the wrap, working from front to back. Tighten the wrap by pulling on the remaining working end, and the starting end that is sticking out from under the wrap on the opposite side. Cut the remaining ends on both sides close to the handle wrap and singe with a lighter to prevent fray, and you’re done!

Now you’re ready to use your bow with your new paracord bow handle wrap.

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