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550 Paracord Friction Saw Demo

Video Overview

Learn what a paracord friction saw is and how to use it. This video by Estela Wilderness Education will show you how to use a single strand of paracord to make a paracord friction saw. This paracord friction saw which will allow you to cut through practically any material.

In the survival world, 550 paracord is one of the most essential items to carry with you. Paracord could literally save your life, whether you are being held against your will and need to saw through zip tie restraints or get stranded on what was supposed to be a day long trip, and need to make-shift a shelter.  Other things you could use paracord for include, making a tourniquet to tie off a would, securing a splint, making a ladder or rope, making a hammock, make-shifting a raft, securing things to your backpack, making a bear bag, repairing clothing, making a snare. The uses for 550 paracord are virtually endless, and the list could go on and on.

In this article we are going to focus on how to use a 550 paracord friction saw. All you need is a length of paracord that is about equal to the length of your boot laces, which on average is about 7’. To use the paracord friction saw effectively, basically all you do is place your paracord friction saw around the material you are trying to saw or cut through. The paracord should be in a “u” shape, with the bend around the material and an end in each hand. It should not be completely wrapped around the material you are trying saw through. Then all you do is alternatively pull on each end of the paracord friction saw in a fast motion until you have cut through the material. You can put your weight into it to make it more effective for tough materials, by leaning back while pulling on the paracord in the sawing motion described.

The paracord friction saw works by maximizing the amount of friction in a single area. A 550 paracord friction saw can cut through another piece of paracord, 2 inch webbing, duct tape, nylon, plastic, wood, leather, and basically any synthetic material.  The most commonly known situation where you may need a paracord friction saw, would be escaping zip tie restraints. You never know when some fool is going to try and hold you against your will for whatever reason. You can be prepared for such an event by swapping your shoelaces out for 550 paracord, that way they will be there when you need them. You can also use a paracord friction saw to cut through smaller flexible green branches that could be used for make shifting a shelter, or creating a snare.

The bottom line…NEVER leave your house without TITAN 550 paracord.

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