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The Barrel Hitch and “barrel sling,” named for their use in hoisting cargo aboard ships, are a simple yet effective way to suspend an object. The barrel is laid on its side, both sides of the strop are spread out and passed underneath, the ends of the strop are raised together, one end is tucked through the other and hooked to an eyehook.

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[blogslidersmall][content]The Bachmann Hitch (sometimes misspelled ‘Bachman’) is a friction hitch. It is useful when the friction hitch needs to be reset quickly/often or made to be self-tending as in crevasse and self-rescue.[/content][/blogslidersmall]

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[blogslidersmall][content]The Anchor Bend is a knot used for attaching a rope to a ring or similar termination point.  Its name originates from when “Bend” was understood to mean “tie to” or “attach to”, and not limited to knots that typically join ropes together. While the knot can become jammed in some modern materials, it is usually easily untied after moderate loads.[/content][/blogslidersmall]

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